Tips to ensure the health of your printer

To keep your printer in a good condition, here are some easy tips that you may follow:

  • Use the machine frequently – Like any device, a printer also needs to be used regularly. Otherwise, it may lose its usual functionalities. The ink cartridge may get dried up causing multiple problems for your office work, school/college projects, or your personal tasks. But if you don’t need to print frequently, it would be a good suggestion for you to choose a laser printer. These printers fuse the powder using heat onto the paper and thus the powder in the cartridge doesn’t dry. Nevertheless, if you need to refill the printer cartridge or toner, give us a call at (838)-983-3048. We are a known name in printer services including Epson printer service.
  • Keep the printer dust free – Dust and dirt are the biggest enemies for a printer as they can get into the smaller parts of the device causing an interruption during printing. So you must dust the printer off at least once a week, if not daily. Use a clean soft cloth to clean the printer. You may also use a mild alcohol solution for printer cleaning. If you don’t use the machine regularly, it would be better to cover it with a dust net. If yours is an HP printer and is not working the way it should be, bring it to our shop for the best HP printer repair service. You may hire our engineer for on-site repair service as well.
  • Use of the latest drivers and software is a must – Don’t forget to update your device to the latest drivers and software, available. You may do it yourself or call technicians from Kolkata Printer Service, the best Brother printer service center in Kolkata.

Though we are always there to help our clients with repairing and servicing their printers, we still encourage to take proper care of the same and avoid spending money unnecessarily.

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